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"Optical Valley made" Exsun "Beidou +", into the world's largest port Ningbo

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On July 23rd, Wuhan Famous and excellent Innovative Products (Ningbo) trade fair was held in Ningbo International Trade exhibition Center.The trade fair hosted by the People's Government of Wuhan,with the theme of "Made in Wuhan, famous and excellent innovation", the exhibition brought together passenger vehicles, electronic information, biological medicine, intelligent manufacturing, light industry machinery, textile and clothing, food and beverage and other fields, 157 enterprises from Wuhan with more than 700 famous and excellent products to participate.


According to the report,this exhibition area has four theme exhibition areas, such as publicity experience area, "China Optical Valley" exhibition area, "China Car Valley" exhibition area and fashion consumption exhibition area.This exhibition is the first time for Wuhan to organize large-scale enterprises to explore the market after the epidemic, help "Made in Wuhan" to enter the economic center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, take advantage of the world's largest throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan port sail to the sea, for "made in Wuhan" unblock the international and domestic two big circulation.

Beidou high precision, enabling intelligent application

The products of "China Optical Valley" exhibition area represent the leading level of wuhan electronic information field. Exsun company was invited to this exhibition to show the products independently researched and developed:Beidou high precision intelligent network terminal, Titan Active Safety driving assistance system, Titan Beidou driving recorder, high precision GNSS integrated reference station, Breguet Beidou High precision timing system, and Huaneng Beidou operation management recorder,as well as smart city, intelligent transportation, Internet of Vehicles and other full-scene solutions, with data-driven efficiency upgrade, to the intelligent and digital "New Channel".


"Beidou +" is the "neuron" for building smart cities.As an innovator in the application of Beidou +AI intelligence integration, Exsun company joins the world with Beidou, because of data access, weave a web of intelligence, high efficiency, fine, formed from the perception of the cognitive - forecast - complete closed loop of decision-making,enabling the "smart brain" to operate digitally, the power of government intelligent digital governance and enterprise reform, the new wisdom city grid, highly precise spatial information of pixels, highly precise time information of coordinate axes.


The enterprise has the vitality, the city development has the impetus.At present, Both Wuhan and Ningbo are "trillion yuan club" cities in terms of GDP, and are both important cities in the "Belt and Road" and "Yangtze River Economic Belt" strategies. They have advantages in locations, transportation, science and education, economy and culture, and have broad space for cooperation.According to fast company adhering to the "locations services, Beidou navigation", to "think tank" for change, use the "new" strain, continued to research and development, is committed to innovation, focus on quality, create Beidou products innovation chain, The industrial chain, value chain, horizontal joint industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, vertical optimization application depth to the evolution of the future, high quality power city digital economy development.


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