System Overview


   Beidou Positioning and orientation system integrates global satellite navigation system, inertial measurement unit and navigation processing computer technology. It can obtain high-precision spatial position and three-dimensional attitude information of moving objects in real time. Attitude measurement system generally consists of multi axis gyroscope, multi axis accelerometer, navigation algorithm, signal conversion and transmission module. The gyroscope and accelerometer are inertial devices, which collect the angular velocity and linear acceleration of the aircraft. The output data of the system include angular velocity rate, linear acceleration, pitch angle, roll angle and so on.

Functional Features

Real time high precision positioning

It can be directly connected to the local CORS network to achieve real-time centimeter level positioning and high-precision attitude output

High precision orientation and attitude determination

High precision fiber optic gyroscope inertial navigation device is used, which has high attitude precision and good course keeping ability. In the case of GNSS signal short-term loss, it can meet the demand of high-precision course keeping

Supporting gins software

The supporting gins software is independently developed, and the post-processing analysis function is powerful, which can help the data analysis and positioning accuracy diagnosis of automatic driving experiment

Rich extension interfaces

The system has rich interfaces and built-in memory card, which can be extended for different application environments

System Value

System Application

It is widely used in the scene where high precision position, orientation and attitude are needed, such as orientation guidance of fire control system, attitude measurement of aircraft, ship, vehicle and other fields.